The Healthcare Industry in India is going through a phase of revolution. Slow on the surface, the undercurrent runs strong.

Faced with various challenges during this transformation to world-class healthcare for each and every citizen, the healthcare industry requires positive leadership and co-ordination that focusses on execution of inclusive and decisive action for the common good.

Problem 2

What we face ?

a) The problems of Doctors like inadequate remuneration, lack of adequate number of doctors and specialists and lack of common treatment practices to prevent antibiotic resistance

b) The problems healthcare providers face that include, among many, the lack of standardisation of medical devices and supply chain problems, insurance structures, inadequate logistics for medical tourism and standardisation of remuneration for healthcare workers. 

c) The problems faced by the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industry like changing regulation, lack of a fair supply chain, payment problems and in-consistency in business practices. 

d) The problems faced by policy makers that include inadequate information, lack of an emergency and epidemic response infrastructure and misaligned priorities of various stake-holders in the healthcare sector. 



How we do it

DOC N DOC focusses on utilising its influence to enable co-operation through sharing of information in partnership with powerful stakeholders in each segment of the healthcare industry; as well as in executing decisive action through ensuring participation by various stakeholders in the segment by direct and indirect execution of inclusive strategy, co-operation and dialogue. 

The information we carry will be highly focussed and addressing various problems, enabling discussion by all necessary stake-holders, followed by formation of an inclusive strategy that will be pushed though our channels and powerful partners from the sector into decisive action.